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1 - How structure Website?
Tvf website is divided into several product categories, according to the left menu, including the main menu and submenus that list go into the details:
A set of clothes Party
Clothing to perform
Comple & Veston
Design for fashion show
Dressmaking material
Fashion for Fat person
Fashion for officer
Fashion man
Fashion of Mummy
High school Uniform
Kids collection
Middle-aged fashion
Office uniform
 - Hotel uniform
 - Restaurant - bar - coffee
 - Spare parts for cook
Sleep wear
Spare parts for Fashion
Vietnamese clothing & Ao dai

The "Information": Provides general information on policies, regulations, recruitment of tvf.
 Category "News": providing information products and services tvf latest.
The "Online support" is the nick yahoo online to receive regular information and answer customer. If all the nicks are not online you can send to nick: mobile_sale, or call the hotline for assistance.
2 - UNIFORMS restaurants, hotels, where chefs?
The sample details such as uniforms for restaurants, hotels .. you into the category "Uniforms office" and the corresponding small menu such as "hotels uniform" for details.
 To view the form on the features you can use the search engine on the Web, view results and suggestions on the corresponding list to see more information. Note: Search may be Vietnamese without accent or with accents, so typing short keywords to get more results.
 Example: You need to find the "Uniform chamber room," you can type the keyword "chamber" or "Room" in the search, to have the results suggest, attention switch button at the bottom of the page to view page be more results.
3 - How to see more templates?
Each product has a lot of corresponding models, you should go to the corresponding Section 2 of the instructions, and move the page by moving the button at the bottom of the page to view samples respectively.
 The samples on the features to be classified as follows:
+ Restaurants include: table, bar, reception, service, management and dancing ...
 + Accessories include: towels, hats, aprons ...
+ Hotel: Bell, door man, the chamber room, reception, management, spa ...
+ Uniforms office: office uniforms, uniform management ...
+ Suits & suit: Vest patterns for multi office environment ..
+ Uniforms students: tshirts, jackets, shirts, skirts, vest student ...
+ See rest of the office fashion, fashion, male, middle-aged fashion ... a separate templates, bring your personality, style ....
4 - Why Website does not post prices?
Tvf the direct production facilities, to offer customers a package from the stage of "Design - Modeling - Provide products," so that prices can only be built according to specific requirements of customers, by design and by volume.
 Tvf consultation and free design for large orders and other common office forms, not too strict requirements on new ideas and products.
5 - Contact Us, How to order?
Customers have many ways to order through the Website tvf, the simplest way is to send email, or call the hotline. Way for more scientific expertise is in computers and can register via website orders (note full record information such as address, email, phone to contact tvf again) ...
 When ordering customer attention specify the product code (including text and part number) or copy the direct link of the product here to send mail. Customers for ease of design effort to provide full information required for tvf to get the most complex designs.
 After receiving the request tvf will design and conduct preliminary report based on the number of products per category. When the contract is signed tvf will produce the sample for each type of product, while consulting with new clients tvf mass production.
 With special requirements and design models, to obtain detailed design and a separate special requirements of customers, please sign a contract prior to the special services of tvf .
Once again, thanks and wish to work with you in a near future.!




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