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98 - Yen Phu - Tay Ho - Hanoi

 - Professional design, fashion

 - Providing apparel accessories

 - Receiving orders produce large quantities

 - Consulting costumes, events

 - Provide office uniforms, school uniforms


 Email: tinhvanfashion@gmail.com / sale@tinhvanfashion.com

Professional from the style





  •   Save time and effort, you can quickly search for the goods and send orders to us at any hour of the day
  • Trading methods, trading flexibility, you can deal by email or telephone to request the appropriate delivery method.
  •  Reasonable price: the price of the product virtual catalog will be guaranteed by the price of the product in real stores of the center.
  • Easy Search: Buy the virtual store, you will receive the support of the search engine computer to help you quickly find the products and information about the goods they want.

  How service providers

  •  Capable of delivering: We now have the ability to offer items that you choose to purchase on our virtual store to all provinces in the country.

  •   Form provides:

- For customers in Hanoi: We do free delivery for orders of 100,000 or more (within the city)
- For customers outside the province or abroad, we will deliver by post or courier.

  •  After receiving orders, we will get back to you over the phone (if any) for official confirmation of orders, requirements, quantity, price details and conditions of delivery match your request.  So please provide your phone number or your relatives can help your delivery and payment.
  •   All our goods are guaranteed brand and quality.  If not guarantee quality or wrong with the description on the virtual store, or as required in the contract customer can return.  Also, when the goods transported by post of incidents leading to damage affecting the quality of goods, we would take full responsibility. So on delivery at the local post office, suggest you open the package and check if there is a problem, suggest you ask the post office make a report on the incident and no damage to the goods carried Returns We will exchange goods or refund your purchase in the shortest time.  Wholesale: Our virtual shop can satisfy orders for large quantities.  In this case, please discuss details with us via phone, fax or email to get better service.

 (* For large orders customers will be entitled to special preferences, please contact for details!)




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Bản quyền Tinh Vân Fashion - HN 2010 (VPGD: 98 Yên Phụ - Tây Hồ - HN hoặc nhà Glink 14/18 Đào Duy Anh - P9.Q.Phú Nhuận - HCM)
ĐT/Fax: (04) 3715 4220 Hotline: 090 219 5856 Email: tinhvanfashion@gmail.com hoặc tinhvanfashion@hotmail.com
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