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How can you order on the website

Order on the website is simple and convenient. Although there is a member of TVF or not, you can still easily order as directed, including the following steps:

■Step 1: Walking around the list and select the type of product you want to buy
■Step 2: Select the Order button below each product details
■ Step 3: Under your cart, you can choose to continue or return to goods Payment. If you choose to continue shopping, you'll be taken back to the store to continue select other items.
- If you are sure that the type and quantity of goods in the basket of goods has the right to their own, then select payment button. In this section, you can still change items selected by highlighting and selecting the Delete button for each item in the basket goes to cancel a selected number of goods purchased.
- If you want to change the quantity of each item was purchased, you can choose to change the numbers in the window and then select Number button to update your system automatically calculated for you.
- If you have a discount card, enter the code in the discount card discount card code directory, then click the Send button. Then the system will check the identification cards and bills automatically deducted from your payment, depending on your card%

(* Note:

- With the price of goods is not registered, you still click ordering and payment as usual, the Business of Fashion Hsing Yun will directly call back and verify the quote with delivery time to customers as the order was placed.

- Fashion Hsing Yun is the direct production, and accept orders according to customer's request.)


Then click the Set button to continue welding g There will be two forms:
a. If you already have an account at the website:

■Step 1: Enter your username and password and click login -> information about orders and personal information will be displayed for you to view details.
■Step 2: Click the button to continue to implement the order. Choose form of payment there are two forms of payment you choose
Payment by credit card:

- Credit Card Type: Select the categories you use a credit card payment
- Name on card
 - Number of cards
 - On the expiry of the card

Cash payment: You do not need to enter any information

■Step 3: Click the button to continue: here will display information about the address and your form of payment. you can send messages to the system.
■Step 4: click on the confirm button when you have finished ordering and be able to see your order in parts View Order
b. If you do not already have an account at our website
 - Please complete all of your personal information in the display enter (which items the items marked with * are mandatory.) After you enter all your information click on Registration . If all your information valid email system will send information about your username and password to the email address you have registered

- You can log in under your username and password that the system has sent you

- After logging in steps similar to the "If you already have an account at the Website"




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