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Legal Notice

1. Terms of Use

Website http://tinhvanfashion.com online sales is the name of the product by e-commerce Fashion Tinhvan construction and development. Once participants are members, partners or customers means that you have read, understand, accept and abide by the following terms:

Article 1: When you sign up, you should provide sufficient information about the name, address, email, ...

This information is required, customers must complete our information pursuant to that serve you best.

The case of complete lack of information or false information will not be resolved.

Article 2: Customers have a responsibility to preserve their own password if the password is exposed in any way, we will not be liable for any losses incurred.

Article 3: Do not use any program, tool or any other form of interference in the system or changing the data structure.

 Article 4: It is strictly forbidden to distribute, disseminate or promote any activity to interfere with, destroy or enter data and our other web servers as well as the company ( hack, cheat, DDoS ...).

Upon discovery of the system error, please notify the management team through our email: tinhvanfashion@gmail.com

Not have any acts to illegal logging or find illegal logging as well as causing damage to the host system of our company.

Article 5:

When communicating, comments and any product reviews or comments of other customers, you are not harassed, insulted, or disturb any cultural behavior which, for lack of other customers.

 Absolute prohibition of insulting, mocking others in any way (ridicule, derision, and religious discrimination, gender, ethnicity ...).

Strictly prohibits impersonating someone else

 Article 6:

Absolutely forbids all acts of propaganda, sabotage and distortion.

Absolutely not discuss politics.

Article 7:

All personal information of our customers will be secure not by outsiders or exchange this information with any other third party.

 As mentioned above, all registration information will be members of the security agencies but in the case law requirements, we will be forced to provide this information to law enforcement agencies.

Article 8: It is strictly prohibited to promote any product in any other forum without the written consent of our Company.

We may change, supplement or modify these provisions at any time and will be announced on his website as well as offline.

2. Privacy Policy

To ensure system security and confidentiality of personal information of customers, we provide general regulations for visitors, shopping, all for the benefit of customers. Please watch carefully the following rules:

 2.1. With buyers on the Internet:

We are committed to the full security of personal information when you register to visit and shop at our site and we only provide the address login and password login for You receiving email notification of customers.  After re-verification by the operational measures, we will provide a new password for you within 24 hours. We were right to remove, refuse to sign or provide the personal information of customers to the competent authorities if you violate the following:

Spread viruses, attack our sites.

Advantage to spread trading news, photos left with fine traditions and customs of the Vietnamese.

There are special requirements of authorities having jurisdiction.

2.2.Copy rights website:

All information and our other websites including product details, photos, articles and materials related are owned by us or our partners or other articles from Information mass. Bất cứ hình thức sao chép nội dung, hình ảnh, thông tin đều phải được sư đồng ý bằng văn bản thỏa thuận của chúng tôi. Any forms of copying content, images, information must be agreed in writing our agreement.

3. Cooperation provisions

3.1. Lock accounts of violations:

With unlimited methods, we can prohibit access to our website, delay or remove content posted, and technical measures and legal steps to ban the use used on the site if we evaluate them are causing problems, can be responsible before the law, or made inconsistent with the terms and spirit of our policies.

We also protect the right to cancel the account is not activated or the account is inactive for a long time.

3.2. Link exchange:

The exchange of our web link and your business, personal purposes is legitimate for the parties. But is not responsible directly or jointly by each party. The exchange will be written specifically for each specific target advertising.





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Tinh Van Fashion - Legal Notice of TVF Tinh Van Fashion - Legal Notice of TVF - Tinh Van Fashion Legal Notice of TVF
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