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Shipping and delivery


1. Transfer to take place within the city:
Employees will deliver our delivery in Hanoi at the address specified by customer.
2. Transfer usually by Post office:
This way, you will receive during the period from 3 to 7 days.
3. EMS express delivery:
Goods sent quickly via EMS providers positioning.
Time you received from 2 to 4 days.


1. Responsible for handling orders and shipping products to customers by taking tvf and depends on the form of payment and shipping the products that customers report when creating orders.
2. Tvf will be responsible for ensuring customers receive the goods as ordered in time delivery and commitment.
3.  In cases where customers voluntarily cancel orders or orders completed but not delivered to customers because communication is inaccurate, we will cancel that order.
4. We will proceed to send out immediately after receiving the notice received complete payment with a prepaid orders such as:
- Pay by credit card
- Payment by ATM
- Western Union Money Transfer
- Bank transfer

We only carry shipment after receiving payment from customers. So to get the goods soon, please carry out the procedures for early transfer.


1. Transfer to take place in Hanoi:
Free shipping for orders of 1,000,000 VND 
(Shipping time from 1-3 days)

2. Transfer usually by Post office:
Free shipping for orders from 15,000,000 VND
(Shipping time from 3-7 days)
Also we often have promotions for free shipping the other, after payment, if your orders are eligible for free shipping at the time of purchase, the store will automatically display Free Shipping for items you can choose the mode of transport for your order.




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