• Advice how to order uniforms efficient, and produce results as expected?

    Here are some ways to make work place uniforms, which are the most effective, and how to control the customer the best quality according to the schedule will be:
  • How about the process works with TVF and How long is production time?

    Introduction workflow with TVF, customers can perform one of some ways such as: Direct contact via phone,  discuss directly with the reference design and samples, exchange information via Email or orders online before, with each method start has a separate process, but generally provide has some basic steps are as follows:

  • How can I be assured of quality and schedule when ordering uniforms?

    The problem often encountered when customers look to a new unit design is that sometimes customers have lost faith in the company designs, they doubt the authenticity as well as the capacity of the units set Next. But this bug does not belong to the following units, as well as issues that should not reduce the enthusiasm of the design unit, TVF consulting a number of issues to resolve this situation:
  • I always wondered that is appropriate this form product , what must I do if I want to try it?

    These are the concerns of many customers, especially the first-time customers, TVF give some advice and solutions to these problems as follows:


  • I don't see the price of the product, How to order uniforms?

    The uniforms are very different, uniforms reflect the diversity of investors: style, expectations of invetstor, business expectations... in every product of uniform brands have a separate definition. TVF will announce price on several criteria: detailed requirements (materials, accessories, embroidery in another, or request of the investment...). In some case TVF have separate pricing for partners. So that this Website only acts as an online catalog for the vivid description of the idea. Below are instructions on how to order the TVF efficiency:

  • I want to open stores on uniform work, Can I work with TVF?

    TVF owns policies for customers are businesses sales uniforms or  the wholesale stores on a monthly basis. This problem would glass customers contact details for advice.

  • My company is coming soon, are needed urgently TVF uniforms can help us?

    The fast requite customers usually are small customers and most don’t have the habit of planning before customers, however, to support maximum for guests,  TVF always have support policies the soon opening customer such as :

  • My company is small, If I want to make uniforms, what the problems must I note?

    General problem of the small companies are also similar to those trying to make uniform in terms of parts or as a pilot. There remain two issues that companies are actually investing in uniforms or the problem is simply equipped with? TVF offers the following typical problems:

  • Some misconceptions when making uniforms?

    The problem wrong is the notion of uniform while performing a difficult job, it also is a factor in making investment uniforms became less effective. Basically we can classify into groups of fundamental errors as follows:

  • Uniforms office how to invest accordingly?


    Uniforms office how to invest accordingly, this is a question that investors should knowbefore making a uniform decision, however TVF liberty give some advice as follows:


  • Website don’t announce about prices, I want to buy uniforms, they must do? guide me how to orderuniforms?


    The product is very different uniforms, uniforms reflect the diversity of investors, such asproduct, style  or class expectations and business expectations in every product so uniformbrands a separate definition. TVF will announce the product based on several criteria: detailed requirements (materials, accessories, embroidery in another, or at the request of the investment and is also important that the number of products in each category ). TVF also have separate pricing for partners frequently, so at this Websiteonly acts as an online catalog for the vivid description of the idea. Below are instructions on how to order the TVF efficiency:


  • Why did I do the same for small amounts of time longer than the large number of orders?

    A fundamental flaw with the customer misunderstanding between production capacity and production problems. A professional company about uniforms can produce thousands of products on a month does not mean doing a few dozen products by only day or can create a sample product from concept to convince customers ... TVF solve that problem is basically as follows:

  • Why my uniform look like samples but wearing isn’t beatifull?

    This is the basics encountered when customers choose the wrong partner or to bring the product may form the basis alone, especially the processing units. And the inevitableproblems when using the design of this unit to another unit of production, why is that.TVF  has some analysis below:

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